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Airport Operations

Operational Statistics for Scottsdale Airport are reported to the City of Scottsdale by the FAA Airport Traffic Control (ATC) Tower staff, who operate the Tower from 6:00 a.m. until 9:00 p.m. daily.  An “operation” is either a landing or takeoff at the airport or surrounding airpark by fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.  An aircraft performing a Touch and Go (landing and immediately departing without stopping) counts as two operations.

Operations are categorized as Itinerant (Itin), Local or Instrument Flight Rules (IFR).   Itinerant means an operation is arriving from outside the traffic pattern or departs the airport traffic pattern.  Local means an operation that stays within the traffic pattern airspace (non-itinerant).  IFR means an operation that is conducted under Instrument Flight Rules.  IFR operations are a sub-category of the total number of operations as they can be either Local or Itinerant.   Total Operations = Itinerant Operations + Local Operations.