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Noise Reports

Scottsdale Airport collects aircraft noise complaint data to track emerging geographic trends in complaints. In order to have aircraft noise complaints become part of the official record of the City of Scottsdale, complaints must be submitted online or the 24-hour noise hotline at 480-312-3597 [312-"FLYS"]. The latest noise reports are available below. 

Noise Complaint Summary Reports








Noise complaint statistics vary significantly with changes in weather; air traffic fluctuations due to seasonal increases in tourism; and events involving military aircraft, noise studies and increasing public awareness. We continually evaluate our programs and work to improve them for our users.  


15000 N. Airport Drive, 2nd Floor, Scottsdale, AZ 85260
480-312-2321 480-312-8480 Fax
(Located at Butherus Drive and North Airport Drive) see map not part of City of Scottsdale web site

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