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High Enforcement Arrest Team (HEAT)




Physical Address:
9065 E. Via Linda
Scottsdale, AZ 85258

Sergeant John Zobel, HEAT Unit Supervisor
Phone:  480-312-7356
Email:  jzobel@ScottsdaleAZ.gov

The High Enforcement Arrest Team (HEAT) was established in 1998 as part of a community based policing grant. The HEAT unit is comprised of five Detectives and one Sergeant and falls within the Patrol Enforcement Section of the Uniformed Services Bureau. The unit is primarily responsible for community based policing problems as well as quality of life issues for the entire city.

The HEAT unit, also commonly referred to as the "Problem Solving Surveillance Squad" is primarily tasked with assisting the Uniformed Services Bureau with crime related issues and community problems. The HEAT unit uses a variety of enforcement techniques to target high crime areas, frequent offenders, or activities that heavily impact the community. HEAT Unit Detectives accomplish this by assuming the lead problem-solving role and coordinating the response of the community members, patrol officers, detectives, crime analyst, other appropriate units and outside agencies.

HEAT unit Detectives use a variety of traditional and non-traditional methods in an effort to reduce crime trend hot spots, deter future crimes, identify perpetrators and arrest suspects in the commission of a crime. Non-traditional methods include the use of ruses, decoy operations, covert surveillance, use of informants, and undercover operations. These methods increase the probability that suspects will be identified and arrested quickly thereby reducing their ability to commit future crimes. The patrol officer does not typically have the training, time, support or resources available to address certain crime problems. This is what makes the HEAT unit such a valuable resource to the police department and citizens of Scottsdale.

The HEAT unit also assists patrol during emergency calls for service by providing immediate follow-up to locate and apprehend suspects in the city or outside the city using non-traditional methods. HEAT also provides patrol with an additional squad of tactically proficient officers when these skills are needed during an emergency call for service.


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