Detention / Jail


Under the supervision of the Police Detention Manager, the Detention Officer performs the duties associated with the operation of a jail, the booking and processing of arrested persons, and the welfare and security of prisoners.


Some of the essential functions of a DO include processing prisoners into the City's police detention facilities, taking mug shots, fingerprints, and searching prisoners. Detention Officers will also secure and inventory prisoners personal property, and grant and log prisoner's phone calls.

Additional duties might include restraining combative, suicidal, argumentative or mentally disturbed prisoners. DOs determine if prisoners are ill or injured and obtain medical attention as necessary. They maintain jail facilities and equipment and must comply with related departmental and state laws. Detention Officers are also responsible for the following:

  • Administer intoxilyzer test to suspects requiring skillful, controlled manipulations. Maintains detailed records and logs and completes forms.
  • Occasionally provides court testimony on intoxilyzer test administered. Ability to listen and communicate effectively. Obtains major palm prints for investigative officers. Determines release criteria of prisoners according to established procedures. Determines bond amounts. Assists with City Court appearances. Transports prisoners to and from court, and county jail.
  • Operates a PACE/ACIC/NCIC terminal to retrieve warrant and records information on prisoners, requiring continuous and repetitive arm/hand/eye movement; confirms warrants from other jurisdictions. Assists officers and citizens who need information; prepares bond receipts, collects bond money, and reviews court orders and release papers.

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