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Emergency Management

Phone: 480-312-1832
Fax: 480-312-1887


Physical Address
8401 E. Indian School Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

John Moede, Emergency Mangagement Coordinator
Email: jmoede@ScottsdaleAZ.gov

The Mission of Emergency Management is to coordinate a program that engages all city government resources, services and emergency response assets in the continuing development of a culture of preparedness. The intent is to create a system that can swiftly and effectively respond to any major incident to ensure the reasonable preservation of life, safeguarding of property and restoration of key city services and infrastructure with the goal of restoring normalcy and civil well-being.

Emergency Management coordinates all four phases of emergency preparedness. The four phases are: Mitigation (efforts to minimize the impact of a disaster), Preparedness (planning/training),  Response (the response and coordination of resources to an incident), Recovery (restoration of City services as quickly as possible). Emergency Management represents the City of Scottsdale on local, regional and national issues relating to emergency management and homeland security.