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Neighborhood Resources


Phone: 480-312-3111
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: Neighborhoods@Scottsdaleaz.gov
Physical Address
7506 E. Indian School Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85251


Enhancing Neighborhoods and Serving the Community.

Neighborhood Resources is a service department for citizens and the organization. Our services include enforcement, outreach, education, communication and customer service on a variety of levels. The department works primarily out in the community to communicate with citizens to understand their needs. We bring that information back to the organization to improve all city services.


Raun Keagy, Director
Phone: 480-312-3111
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: rkeagy@scottsdaleaz.gov

Neighborhood Resources

Kit Weiss
, Neighborhood Resources Manager
Phone: 480-312-7616
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: kweiss@scottsdaleaz.gov

Judy Melton, Neighborhood Resources Supervisor
Phone: 480-312-2821
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: jmelton@scottsdaleaz.gov

Donna Baldwin, Citizen Service Assistant
Phone: 480-312-3111
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: dbaldwin@scottsdaleaz.gov

Catina Contreras, Citizen Service Assistant
Phone:  480-312-3111
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email:  ccontreras@scottsdaleaz.gov

Citizen Liaisons

Christy Hill
, Citizen Liaison
Phone: 480-312-4126
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: chhill@scottsdaleaz.gov

Neighborhood Education

Joy Racine, Citizen Advisor
Phone: 480-312-2342
Fax: 480-312-2888
Email: JRacine@ScottsdaleAz.gov

Historic Preservation Office

Steve Venker,
DRB Liason - Planning and Design Services
Phone: 480-312-2831
Fax: 480-312-7088
Email: SVenker@scottsdaleaz.gov

Neighborhood Resources Document Library