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Tips for Water Efficiency

Pledge - Partners in Water Conservation!

Learning new and easy ways to use water efficiently is fun and exciting for members of an active water-conscious community! We know each person can make a difference, so we'd like to work together with you, our valued water customer, to use water efficiently.

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What is the best tip for saving water? Become a water detective! Discover how much water you use by reviewing your water bill on a regular basis. Patterns of water use will become apparent, making it easier to identify unexpected jumps in water use versus normal water use. Then enjoy watching your bill go down as you learn ways to reduce water use.

Water saving tips for:

If you have an unexpected jump in your water use or want to take a closer look at your water use, learn how to read your meter. You will not only discover how to read the meter but learn how to determine if you have a water leak.

For more help, homeowners can request a free copy of Find and Fix Leaks that are Draining Your Budget or view onlinelinks to external site. Businesses can review AMWUA's Facility Manager's Guide to Water Management.


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