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Credit Card Policy Change

Effective December 1, 2006


Due to a change in the City's agreement with the credit card companies and an effort to prevent credit card fraud and eliminate the City's exposure to liability, the City has revised its credit card authorization policy.


Effective December 1, 2006, credit card payments will no longer be accepted from individuals who do not own the credit card being used to make payment, with the following exceptions:

  • Corporate credit cards
    Must include the user's name, printed on the face of the credit card and include the person's signature on the back.
  • Authorization for use of company credit cards - City policy letter (pdf/46kb)

In all cases, valid forms of identification will be required when paying with a credit card.

This change in policy does not apply to online credit card payments, so if you make payments online, you will not be affected.

If you currently pay for City services using a credit card other than online and wish to delegate authorization to use your credit card to another individual, you must meet the above criteria. On and after December 1, 2006, payment for services using credit cards will only be accepted from individuals whose name appears on the credit card unless the above criteria have been met. It is the responsibility of the credit card owner to update credit card authorizations through their credit card company and provide the City with current information.



Contact the One Stop Shop at 480-312-2500.


Sue Landreth, Development Services Manager

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