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Traffic Signals - Maintenance Information and Contacts

Maintenance Information and Contacts

Traffic Signal Maintenance Form

Traffic Signals
Phone: 480-312-5620
  • schedules and coordinates construction and maintenance for both traffic signals and street lights
  • purchases all necessary equipment and supplies
  • coordinates the construction of new signals at street widening projects with Capital Project Management and outside contractors.
  • purchases equipment at a City discounts thus eliminating contractor mark-ups
  • oversees private contractors to ensure that all projects meet City standards and specifications

Construction Crew

Consists of three construction technicians

The City of Scottsdale is one of the few remaining cities that build their signals from the "ground up."  It is estimated that the City saves $20,000 per installation of each new signal by using their own crews.

They do it all:

  • build and install new traffic signals
  • install underground conduits and loops
  • install emergency vehicle detection equipment
  • install telephone cable and interconnect wire to new and existing signals
  • provide emergency maintenance

Typically private sector contractors are either construction workers or maintenance technicians.  Scottsdale's construction crews cross train in both positions resulting in more efficient personnel and cost savings to the City.

Maintenance Crew

Crew consists of four maintenance technicians and one roving assistant.


  • perform preventative maintenance for over 260 city-owned traffic signals over 185 square miles
  • maintain and paint signal poles
  • assist the construction crew as needed
  • respond to signal-related emergencies

Electronic Technicians

Crew consists of two technicians


  • set-up, test, install and maintain electronics that drive the traffic signal indications, detectors and communications
  • provide training to City staff and other signal technicians throughout Arizona through the professional organization, International Municipal Signal Associationarrow icon

"We Respond to Emergencies"


24/7 365 days a year.

Traffic Signal

Technology and People

The City of Scottsdale has state of the art electronic equipment and one of the most modern traffic signal intertie systems in the country.  We also have a skilled and versatile staff which enables us to perform more tasks with less people.

Technicians are cross- trained and certified by City staff and the International Municipal Signal Association.

Traffic signals in Scottsdale are controlled by the use of a 170 type microcomputer control system with Wapiti software. 

Scottsdale has also been widely applauded for using "lag" left turns that add to the efficiency of intersections.

Additional innovations include: