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Bicycle Safety Tips


Ride with Traffic: Ride in a straight line, giving sufficient space between yourself and parked cars in order to avoid opening doors.  Obey all traffic laws and signals.  Plan your route in order to avoid detours or surprises.


Use hand signals to let motorists and pedestrians know what you intend to do.  Signaling is not only a law, it is a matter of protection and courtesy.  Use eye contact to confirm you are seen and establish your presence on the road.


Two Ways to Turn Left:  1) signal, yield to traffic, move into the left lane and turn left 2) ride straight across to the far side of the crosswalk, then walk your bike across.  Many accidents occur at intersections -proceed with care.


Take Care of Your Bike:  It is important that your bike fits you properly and that the brakes, gears and steering are well maintained.  Keep a toolkit, hand pump, and patch kit for roadside emergencies.  To protect your bike, secure it with a U-lock, or cable lock. 


Use Appropriate Lane:  Avoid being in a left or right turn only lane when you plan to go straight.  Move into the proper lane early on.  If traffic is moving slowly, or the lane is narrow, it may be best to take the whole lane.  Remember to be courteous and aware when sharing the road.


Safety Gear:  It is important to have the proper gear to be safe when you ride.  Wearing a helmet can reduce head injury by 85%.  To increase visibility, it is beneficial to wear reflective, and lightly colored clothing.  Lights are required at night.  Use a bright white headlight, and red reflector.  Remember to bring plenty of water!