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Bus Service in Scottsdale

Bus services in Scottsdale are provided via Valley Metro, the Phoenix metro area's
regional public transportation system.

View bus routes, schedules and maps (effective Jan. 27, 2014)

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Individual routes into and through Scottsdale:

Route 17: McDowell
Route 29: Thomas
Route 41: Indian School
Route 50: Camelback
Route 72: Scottsdale/Rural
Route 76: Miller (No Charge- Scottsdale Trolley)

Route 80: Shea Boulevard

Route 81: Hayden/McClintock
Route 154: Greenway
Route 170: Bell Road/Frank Lloyd Wright Boulevard 
Express Route 511: Tempe to and from Scottsdale Airport
Express Route 514: South Scottsdale to & from Downtown Phoenix

Scottsdale Trolley Routes