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Complete list of "How Do I..." Links


Search Info

There are a number of alternative search tools on Scottsdale’s Web site for specific purposes. If you don’t get the information you need with a standard search, one of these more detailed search tools may help:

Enter the major cross-streets in your neighborhood (or another location) and get lists and maps of active building permits, city projects in the area, crimes reported, property maintenance code violations and other information. To view maps, you will need a one-time download of an Internet browser add-on. Sorry, the map tool is not available to MacIntosh owners.

Use one of many tools, including the Land Information Web, Case History Maps or Crime Maps to view maps of the city with information presented in map form. The maps also include links to other detailed resources on the city Web site and other Web sites, such as the Maricopa County Assessor’s Office. Use of the Map Center requires a one-time download of a special add-on for your Internet browser. Sorry, this tool is not available to MacIntosh owners.