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Alley Maintenance Schedule and Progress

"Working together, we can keep our alleys safe and clean."

Alley Maintenance Program Schedules
Weed Spraying Schedule
(pdf / 306kb / 1 page)
Updated 5-19-15
Dust Control Schedule(pdf / 186kb / 1 page)
Updated 5-19-15

You can expect the City to annually:

  • treat the center portion of the alley for dust control
  • treat alley surfaces to inhibit the return of vegetation  

Adjacent homeowners are responsible for alley maintenance to the center of the alley. We rely on you, the property owner, to keep the alley behind your property free from:

  • litter and debris
  • construction waste
  • landscaping granite
  • vegetation at alley perimeters

Solid Waste Management will pick up:

  • landscape trimmings
  • contained waste

For more information about your alley, contact Street Operations, 480-312-5620.