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Scottsdale's Neighborhood Traffic Management Program

No matter where you live in Scottsdale, every neighborhood has concerns about traffic. It's not only a safety issue, but a quality of life issue too.

Scottsdale’s Transportation Department works TC 2 with neighborhoods throughout the city to address traffic concerns on a case by case basis through its Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP).


Camelback Road (82nd St. to Granite Reef Road)
Cattletrack Road (Lincoln to McDonald drives)
Cholla Street (Hayden Road to 84th Street)


The NTMP is separated into a two-step process -- a speed awareness phase and a traffic calming phase. In order for a neighborhood to be considered for the traffic calming phase, residents must first complete the Speed Awareness Program.


The Speed Awareness phase of NTMP is implemented by the city’s Citizen and Neighborhood Resource Department, which works closely with the Police and Transportation departments.

This phase focuses on educating drivers and raising awareness throughout the neighborhood about traffic concerns -- usually speeding and cut-through traffic.

Some of the strategies used to help educate drivers and raise awareness include:

  • Holding neighborhood meetings to discuss concerns
  • Providing speed awareness trailers equipped with driver feedback on speedsRadar Trailer
  • Citizen radar tracking – residents monitor and track traffic in their area
  • Installing neighborhood signs provided by the city  

Sometimes, this type of heightened awareness is all it takes for most Scottsdale neighborhoods, but some areas may need the help of the Police Department to monitor and issue citations.

Learn more about the Speed Awareness Program or call 480-312-CARS (2277) to get started.


After completing the Speed Awareness phase, if residents still feel their quality of lifeTC 3 is impacted by traffic, they can fill out a Neighborhood Traffic Management Interest form. This form must be signed by at least ten different residents along the same street.

Once the form is completed and approved, the request is placed on a list for traffic evaluation. Speed and volume data is collected by the Transportation Department and compared to the city’s approved criteria for traffic calming, provided there is support in the neighborhood.

If the data collected meets the city’s criteria and the street qualifies for possible installation of traffic calming devices, neighborhood support for the project must be established. In most cases, the city pays for the devices.


There are two options to determine if your neighbors support the installation of traffic calming devices:

  • Through a series of neighborhood meetings, or
  • By obtaining signatures from 70 percent of the area’s most affected residents on a petition.

NTMP projects are heard by Scottsdale's Transportation Commission twice each year.

Read or download the NTMP policy.


For general questions about the Neighborhood Traffic Management Program, contact Traffic Engineer John Bartlett at 480-312-7613.


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