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Neighborhood Block Party Checklist

Block Party Checklist  

A Special Events Permit may be required for parties that will block certain types of streets, and/or that include live entertainment or amplified music. Call the Neighborhood Resource Center at 480-312-3111 for further information.


This checklist provides some helpful hints to make block parties more manageable. Residents planning a block party should consider the following items to secure a safe event with minimal disruption to nearby non-participating neighbors:

A completed Block Party application must be submitted before a block party can be held. Applications are available on-line, by calling 480-312-3111, or by emailing neighborhoods@scottsdaleaz.gov.

Whenever possible, choose a location that will not disrupt normal traffic patterns. A cul-de-sac or other minor non-through street location will work best.

You must use portable barricades if blocking of a residential public street is necessary. Barricades are available free of charge for block party use, and a barricade plan must be submitted with your block party application.

Organize areas where people will congregate that are away from portable barricades, to avoid injury to attendees or damage to barricades.

Notify residents impacted by your event. A simple, fun flyer distributed to neighbors can invite and alert households in your area; include a contact phone number in case someone has concerns or questions. Block Party flyer templates are available at Neighborhood Resource Centers, or you can create your own. Don't leave flyers in mailboxes (it's illegal); hand delivery is best!

Ask local businesses if they are willing to provide goods, services, or raffle prizes for your event! Speak with a manager, and be prepared to leave a written request stating the function date, time, location, number of people and purpose. Offer to post an advertising sign at the function, to acknowledge the contribution they make. Approach large corporations in plenty of time before the party.

If you live in a subdivision with an HOA, make sure to get approval (and support!) from your Board.

Plan for parking spaces for residents and guests.

When planning, remember to assign responsibility for clean up.

All consumption of spirituous liquor (alcohol) is limited to private property.

Play equipment, including inflatables ("jumpies") must be located on private property and kept out of any public street or easement.

Noise complaints (including amplified sound or live music) can be subject to calls for service from the Police Department. Please be considerate of others, especially after 10:00 p.m.!