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Streets - Roadway and Street Maintenance

Street Resurfacing Schedule- Planned arterial street resurfacing dates.

Pavement Condition Map (22"x34") (pdf/1.9mb/1p)

Alley Maintenance Schedule - Information on alley maintenance.

Construction Debris in Alleyways (pdf/87kb/2pp)

Unpaved Roads- Grading and Dust Control Schedule.

Street Sweeping - Information on City street sweeping.

Sandbags - The City provides sandbags free of charge to citizens in emergency situations.

Street / Sidewalk Repairs- potholes, buckled sidewalks, broken curbs, crumbling asphalt, sunken pavement.

Qualified Products List for Street Construction

Trails- Hiking trails and trailheads

Bikeways- Bike map, Cycling around Scottsdale

Capital Improvement Projects- Information, project updates and public outreach on multi-year capital infrastructure plans, new construction, major repair and replacement of public structures, buildings, streets & storm drains, sewer, water, parks, or other capital improvements.


For reporting problems in these areas:

Report a Problem or Request Service

Street Operations Division
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Phone:  480-312-5620
FAX:     480-312-5539