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Residential Container Maintenance

Report your maintenance request on-line.


Wheel won't stay on or broken??  Lid missing or damaged??  If your City-owned container is in need of repair, please let us know. 

Container maintenance requests can
also be reported by calling our office at 480-312-5600.

Please remember, each individual homeowner is responsible for maintaining their containers in a clean and sanitary condition.



Tips For Better Service

  • Please keep the lid closed:  When your lid is left open it may be damaged when the container is serviced and also can cause spillage.  Placing your container backwards, with the lid opening away from the street, may also damage the container and/or cause material to spill during collection.
  • Please Bag & Tie:   Garbage, grass and other items placed in your black refuse container attract insects and cause unpleasant odors.  If you place these items in a plastic bag and tie it, you can help keep your container and the area around it clean and odor free.  Bag & Tie isn't only a good idea, it's also a county regulation and is enforced by the Maricopa County Health Department. It is each users responsibility to keep containers maintained in a clean and sanitary condition.
  • Please do not use plastic bags when placing recyclables in your mauve recycling container as plastic bags are contaminates in the recycling program.  Use a brown paper grocery bag to contain loose papers and other items that may spill during recycling collection.