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Refuse Collection Guidelines

In General

  • All residential single family households receive one collection of refuse weekly. Your collection day will be Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on the location of your home.
  • There are three different types of residential refuse collection based on the size and collection point of the containers issued:
  • 90 gallon curbside collection - each individual household is provided with a container, which is wheeled to the curb on collection day for service.
  • 300 gallon alley collection - large plastic containers are placed in serviceable alleys for refuse collection and are shared by 3 to 4 individual households. We locate these containers to provide best access to all users and away from overhead hazards, so please
    Do Not reposition them.
  • 20 gallon street collection - certain low-generation areas, such as trailer courts, use 20 or 30 gallon refuse containers that are collected manually when placed at the curb on collection day. Containers should have a tight fitting lid and weigh no more than 60 pounds each.
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Residential Collection Day Map

Recycling Collection Guidelines

Construction Debris in Alleyways
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Refuse Collection Guidelines

To assist us in providing you the best service possible, PLEASE refer to the guidelines below.

  • Use your black container for refuse only. All material should fit inside the container so the lid closes per the Maricopa County Health Dept.
bagtie Please "Bag & Tie" all garbage and grass before placing them in the black refuse container. It helps prevent unhealthy conditions. It's more than a good idea, its the law!
  • Don't, place rocks, dirt, concrete, plaster, building materials, toxic or hazardous waste in your container.
  • Don't, place hot ashes, cinders, coals or any other burning material in your container.
  • If you have curbside refuse collection, please place your container away from parked cars, light poles, mail boxes and other obstacles that may prevent our employees from servicing it.
  • If you have curbside refuse collection, please have your container at the curb by 5:00 AM the day of your scheduled collection. Containers should be removed from the street the same day they are collected.
  • To help minimize spillage, please make sure the lid on your 90 or 300 gallon container opens toward the collection vehicle.
Residents who require additional Refuse capacity may purchase additional 90 gallon refuse containers, which become their property.
An additional monthly fee is charged for each additional refuse container.
For information call 480-312-5600.