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Curbside Recycling Guidelines

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In General

All residential single family households receive one collection of recycling weekly. Your collection day is on either Thursday or Friday depending on your home's location.

If Curbside Recycling is not available to you, Please Email or call 480-312-5600 for recycling drop-off locations.

All residential recycling is collected at the curb, regardless of where your refuse is collected. There are two types of residential recycling collection based on the size of the containers issued:

  • 90 gallon curbside collection - each individual household is provided with a mauve recycling container which is wheeled to the curb on collection day for service.

  • 20 gallon curbside collection - individual households are provided with a mauve recycling container which is placed at the curb on collection day.


Wyatt Earth, Scottsdale's recycling mascot, is excited about recycling in Scottsdale!

Recycling Collection Guidelines

To assist us in providing you the best recycling service possible, PLEASE refer to the tips and guidelines below.

Use your mauve container for recycling only. All material should fit inside the container so the lid closes.

Cut up any large cardboard boxes before placing them in your recycling container to help assure it empties.

Place any junk mail, shredded or loose papers in a brown paper grocery bag before placing them in your recycling container to help prevent them from blowing out of the truck when your container is collected.

Place any non-recyclable materials (contaminants) in your mauve recycling container as we will be unable to service it.

Please place your container away from light poles, mail boxes, parked cars and any other obstacles that may block access to it.

Please have your container at the curb by 5:00 AM the day of your scheduled collection and remove it from the street the same day.

To help minimize spillage, please make sure the lid on your 90 recycling container is closed and opens toward the collection vehicle.

Residents who require additional Recycling capacity may acquire an additional 90 gallon mauve recycling container.
For information call 480-312-5600.