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Resident Landfill Program

In General

The Salt River Landfill is located at:
Beeline Hwy & Gilbert Rd.
13602 Beeline Highway
Scottsdale, AZ 85256

Map to Salt River Landfill

This program is designed as a convenience for single-family residential customers who just can't wait for their next scheduled week of brush collection. Through our agreement with the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community, Scottsdale residents, living in single family homes and paying for residential collection services, may haul up to 2,000 pounds of refuse, brush or bulk items generated from their property to the Salt River Landfill at no charge. The conditions outlined below must be met in order to use the landfill free of charge.

Please Note: If your load exceeds the 2,000 pound limit, or if you do not provide proper identification you will be billed by the landfill for the entire load at the rate of $38.00 per ton. The City does not make any full or partial reimbursements to residents for any charges assessed by the landfill for failure to comply with the rules and requirements of this program.

If you are an on-line Utility Bill payer, and you need to haul trash to the landfill, you will need to call a Utility Billing or Solid Waste Management location to receive a statement signed and authorizing use of the landfill. Either department will forward a copy to the landfill for your use. A print out of your on-line statement will not be accepted without an authorized signature.

If payment is required, only CASH will be accepted. No Checks or Credit/Debit cards will be accepted.


Landfill Usage Guidelines


The Salt River Landfill is owned and operated by the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community. Please be advised that landfill staff strictly adhere to the rules and conditions listed below:

  • You must present the top portion of your current City of Scottsdale utility bill showing residential solid waste collection charges (a copy will not be accepted).
  • You must present a valid driver's license showing the same name and address that appears on your utility bill.
  • Your load must be hauled in a non-commercial vehicle with a 3/4 ton capacity or less, or with a capacity of no more than 1.5 cubic yards. Your load must weigh 2,000 pounds or less.
  • The City will pay for a maximum of one load per calendar week (Monday-Saturday) hauled to the Salt River Landfill.
  • If you haul any appliances that contain freon you will be charged $10.00 per appliance, unless you have a receipt from a certified refrigeration technician showing that the freon was removed in accordance with Federal law.
  • Any loads that may spill during transport must be properly covered or securely tied down. You may be assessed $10.00 for any improperly transported loads.

The Salt River Landfill entrance is located on the Beeline Highway at the Gilbert Road intersection (turn west at the light). Hours are 7:00 am to 5:00 PM, Monday through Saturday. If you have any questions regarding landfill usage, call the Salt River Landfill at 480-941-3427 for information.