Alley Maintenance

Alley Maint
As part of the City’s Revitalization Program in south Scottsdale, we understand that you may not be aware of your alley maintenance responsibilities. logo1

To maintain the health, safety and appearance of your alley, we seek your cooperation to keep your alley in the best condition possible by following these guidelines:

Container Use:

  • Bag and tie all garbage and grass
  • Always close the lid and make sure it opens toward our collection vehicle
  • Do not overload the container
  • Use recycling containers only for recycling items

Brush & Bulk Items:

  • Place all brush & bulk items out for collection behind your home’s fence line and away from the refuse container
  • Please keep your piles stacked neatly and small enough for our crews to collect in twenty minutes
  • Follow the Nine-day Rule (residents only) -Brush/Bulk items must be place out for collection no more than two weekends prior to the Monday of your scheduled week of collection
  • Brush removal schedule

In General:

  • Do not place rocks, landscaping gravel, dirt or construction waste in the alley or in the container (Materials such as these must be taken to the landfill)
  • Do not plant trees and/or shrubs in alleys
  • Control grass and weeds to reduced fire hazard
  • Trim trees that overhang into the alley to your fence line and to an overhead clearance of 15-feet
  • Report all illegal dumping to Solid Waste Management (vehicle description and license #)
  • For your convenience, Scottsdale single-family homes are permitted to haul up to one ton of refuse or bulk items to the Salt River Landfill weekly at no charge:
    Salt River Landfill
    Beeline Highway at Gilbert Rd
    More Info about the resident landfill program

The alley is an extension of your home or business. We appreciate your willingness to partner with the city in the Revitalization Program and help us to maintain your alley in a neat and sanitary condition.

Contact Information
Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Your Solid Waste Management team is here to serve you and the community.

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