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Beaulieu Residence

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Project Overview/Fact Sheet (pdf/70kb/3pp)

The Beaulieu house is one of the most innovative green built projects in the country if not the world. Initially conceived in 2000, the house was completed in 2006 with the goal hydrogenhouse2of minimizing its impact on the base of a south facing desert mountain site while taking advantage of the natural energy potential of site topography with its boulders (mass) and elevation changes (convection air currents). The project has numerous passive and active sustainable design features including earth sheltered construction (earth and boulders), mass construction (concrete and masonry), radiant barriers, radiant floor heating, radiant cooled ceilings, convection air loops and evaporative water features for natural cooling.
The house uses natural materials for a healthy indoor living environment, including clay plasters, cross ventilation and extensive landscaping involving vegetated roofs, terraces and vine covered trellises. Gray water is collected and recycled for irrigating the landscape. A seasonally adjustable 9 KW building integrated photovoltaic system serves as a shading structure over the south facing windows while producing Hydrgenhouseelectricity for the house and is capable of charging plug-in hybrid vehicles. 

The owner is a mechanical engineer who worked with architect Bob Bacon and the Scottsdale Green Building Program to design the most sustainable desert home possible. The unique building systems and climate responsive features makes the Beaulieu House the highest scoring project in the Scottsdale Green Building Program.

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