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Report a Problem

Please use this service to report Non-Emergency issues only.
These reports help us identify maintenance items noted in normal operations.
If the maintenance item is an Emergency condition, please call the
Police Department at 480-312-5000 or for
Emergency water issues please call the Water Operations Department at 480-312-5650 , 24hrs/day.

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Airport Noise Complaints:

Code & Zoning Violations:

  • Stagnant Water
    (green pools, private property standing water)
  • Debris in Alleyways
  • Excessive Weed Growth
  • Graffiti (or call the Graffiti Hotline 480-312-2546)
  • Improper Use of Signs
  • Improper Waste Disposal
  • Nuisance Water
    (sprinkler overflow, etc from private property)
  • Overgrown or Blighted Properties
  • Unauthorized Parking (on private property)
  • Unauthorized Dumping
  • Unauthorized Signs
  • Other Code/Zoning Violations
  • AZ Clean and Beautiful Litter Reporting this site is not part of the City of Scottsdale web site
  • Drainage and Flooding Issues:

    Stormwater Quality Issues:

    Environmental and Health Issues:

    Parks & Facilities Maintenance:

    Any Other Maintenance Or Safety Issue
    (Please explain details in Comments)
    Police Reports:

    Refuse / Recycling Issues:

    Streets and Alleys, Streetlight and
    Traffic Signal Maintenance:

    Traffic Engineering, Sight Obstructions
    and Parking Issues:

    Unsafe Construction, Workers and
    Abuse of City Equipment:

    Water and Sewer: