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First Responder Smart Card Program


About Scottsdale Community Partnership

Scottsdale Community Partnership is parents partnering with professionals to improve the lives of children, adults and families with disabilities or special healthcare needs. Including, but
not limited to, physical, mental, emotional, behavioral, learning, developmental, cognitive and medical.

Scottsdale Community Partnership welcomes anyone interested in promoting the quality of life for an individual with special needs.





What is the First Responder Smart Card Program?

Scottsdale Community Partnership in cooperation with local first responders (Police, Fire and EMS) have created a program which offers training on how to better recognize and respond to the needs of an individual with special needs.

It also provides training for parents and providers on when to call first responders and what happens once the call is made.  When you register for the Smart Card program, first responders are alerted when a call is made to look for a Smart Card on the premises.

What is a Smart Card?

A universal form, displayed at your residence, that provides critical information to first responders concerning an individual with special needs.

The only information needed to register for the Smart Card program is your name and address. Scottsdale Community Partnership maintains a strict confidentiality policy and shares this information only with local first responders.

For more information or to order more cards, call 480-312-CARD or e-mail smartcard@scottsdaleaz.gov

First Responder Smart Card Program is a trademark of the TriCity Partnership Inc., a Non-Profit Corporation

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