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Endorsements & Links

The City websites shall not contain advertising for the purpose of commercial gain. Periodically, in the interest of customer service, hyperlinks and web addresses to some organizations may be provided. Links may be provided only to organizations that:
  • are local, state, federal, tribal, or other governments or agencies of them, or
  • supplement an integral goal or mission of the City.

The City reserves the right to determine what links are provided from City websites. These links or references to other information or organizations do not constitute an endorsement by the City. The City is not responsible for the nature or accuracy of content or services on these non-City websites, including linked websites.

The City may provide links to Google maps for the purpose of providing directions to a city facility or event. These maps are for the convenience of our site visitors and citizens. The City is not responsible for the information on those sites or any driving directions they may provide to access our city facilities. We recognize that there are many products available that provide free mapping services online. We chose just one product to use consistently on our Web site and have received permission to link to them. If you have another free online Web mapping service that you prefer, you are welcome to look up the address on their service.

The City may provide links to social media websites as additional means for citizens to receive information from the City of Scottsdale. The City is not responsible for the nature or accuracy of content or services on these social media websites. Please be warned that use of social media websites may increase your exposure to viruses. Be sure to protect your personal information by customizing the privacy settings of each social networking site you choose to join.  The City places greater priority on updating content on our city website (ScottsdaleAZ.gov) over updating social media tools. ScottsdaleAZ.gov should remain your primary online resource for City of Scottsdale information.

The City does not object to links from other sites to City websites, provided that:

  1. no relationship with the City is implied or expressed by the link or the context in which the link appears, and
  2. the link opens the City's website in a full browser window and not within the content of the linking site, such as in an HTML frame.

This link leaves the City of Scottsdale Web site = When you see this icon next to a link on the City website, it means the link leads to a site that is not a part of the City of Scottsdale.