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Scottsdale Road Streetscape

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  • Streetscape design for Scottsdale Road from Roosevelt Street to Earll Drive.
  • Preliminary streetscape design for Scottsdale Road from Earll Drive to Chaparral Road and a downtown multi-modal circulation study.
  • Comprehensive streetscape design guidelines for the entire 24-mile length of Scottsdale Road.

Project Purpose

The City of Scottsdale developed a streetscape design for Scottsdale Road. The overall purpose of the project is to create an integrated “signature” streetscape design that will enhance the aesthetic of the road, respect neighborhoods, provide opportunities for public art, improve mobility for pedestrian, bicycle, and transit travel, and preserve the opportunity for future high capacity transit, such as the bus rapid transit currently planned in the Valley's regional transportation plan and the City's Transportation Master Plan.

Project Goals

Establish an identity and visual character for Scottsdale Road as a “signature” corridor along its entire length.

  • Recognize and strengthen the sense of place of the established unique character areas along Scottsdale Road, while linking each to the next adjacent one.
  • Challenge the community and adjacent property owners to look beyond the “norm” to achieve a higher level of character and pride along this vital corridor.
  • Strategize ongoing opportunities, both public and private, to realize the vision, which will exemplify the community values of the signature street.