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Sports Field & Lighting Hotline


For the status of fields, please call:

480-312-RAIN (7246)

The rain-out number will be updated after 2:30pm or on an as needed basis.

A staff member will evaluate the situation and decide if a field is playable or not.

For Adult Sports League field status, please call 480-312-0227.

For Chaparral Park's Off Leash Area status, please call 480-312-2353 or 480-312-WOOF(9663).

Sports Lighting Hotline

If you notice lights on and the field is not being used or if there is a problem with park lighting, call 602-228-8339 and leave a message with the time and location of the field. 

A staff member will evaluate the situation and attempt to turn the lights on or off.


The City of Scottsdale has provided funding and resources for over 20 years to assist in efforts to provide lighting to ballfields throughout the city for a wide variety of youth sports user groups.

The City has been partnering with the Scottsdale Unified School District since 1992, and these efforts have resulted in the replacement of existing or installation of new lighting systems at 61 city and school district ballfield sites. These sites provide over 44,000 hours of lighted field use for 25 different youth sports groups representing over 12,000 youth annually.

The City has been purchasing the most up to date lighting technology that has provided several key benefits; most notably providing the required light levels to insure safe play for the user groups, a reduction in the amount of light spill and glare into the adjacent neighborhoods and potential savings in the ongoing energy costs needed to run the lights. This technology also carries a long term warranty for parts and equipment wear which helps the City save money in the costs for ongoing operations and maintenance of the lighted ballfield sites.

Ballfield Lights at Thompson Peak Park

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