2004 Strategic Planning Process

The 2004 Strategic Plan update process involved a 1-day retreat with 30 attendees representing Police Command Staff, Lieutenants, Civilian Managers, and the City’s Homeland Security and Emergency Services Offices.

The primary focus of the retreat was to review the Department’s progress during the past year, and update the existing 5-Year Strategic Plan for continuation into the new fiscal year and beyond. The process involved a review of key inputs, a review of the existing plan, brainstorming to identify additional strategies, modification of existing strategies, and prioritization of strategic issues.

Annual Performance Report on 5-Year Strategic Plan, FY2004/05 (pdf /432 kb/ 44 pp)

Strategic Plan FY 2004/05 - 2008/09(pdf /578 kb / 58 pp)

The 2004 update resulted in the development of 34 new Strategies focused on crime prevention, downtown policing efforts, community outreach, City revitalization, facility enhancement, assimilation of the new City Fire Department, and employee development. Shortly after the annual update retreat, the Department hosted a Hispanic Community Forum as part of an active community outreach Strategy. The Forum resulted in the development of 5 additional Strategies. The 39 newly identified Strategies were evaluated, refined and then linked to Strategic Plan Objectives.

In addition to the development of new Strategies, the process allowed for proposal and concurrence on various other modifications to previously existing Strategies in the 5-Year Strategic Plan. The modifications included Strategy title changes, Strategy Leader assignments, expected Strategy start and end dates, and Strategy definition changes.

After aggregation of the new and existing Strategies, the combined list of strategic issues was prioritized by the Chief of Police and top staff. Strategic issues were evaluated to determine funding requirements and funding status, and then positioned on a 5-year calendar. Strategies scheduled to begin during the first fiscal year of the plan were positioned by Quarter and linked with measures of success and implementation responsibility.

Implementation & Evaluation

Progress toward the Strategic Plan is reviewed and tracked using an internal tool that is updated by Strategy Leaders on a monthly basis. The tracking tool contains detailed information about Department Objectives, Strategies, measures of success, timelines, accountability and issues. The internal tracking tool is used to produce reports that are reviewed by the Chief of Police and top staff at monthly status update meetings. The monthly meetings provide a forum for discussion and brainstorming if a Sponsor or Strategy Leader indicates they need resolution of issues or resource assistance to keep the Strategy “on-schedule”. In addition to the monthly update process, the tracking tool is used for the generation of Quarterly Progress Reports that highlight “Key Accomplishments” during each Quarter. These reports are reviewed at Quarterly management meetings, and are distributed department-wide via the “Police-line” newsletter.

The 5-Year Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, prior to the City’s annual budget review cycle. The Department’s overall Objectives and 5-year Strategies are assessed and reprioritized if necessary, based on operating expenses, service indicators, crime statistics, or special initiatives. A revised 5-Year Plan is created each fiscal year based upon the outcome of the Department’s review and revision of the 5-Year Plan. This process ensures reliability of the Strategic Plan as a tool that can be used for annual operating budget development, Capital Improvement Project (CIP) development, and equipment and personnel planning.

An Annual Performance Report is prepared each fiscal year and is published to the Department’s website to provide public access. The report provides a progress and status report for each Strategy initiated that fiscal year.


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