2003 Strategic Planning Process

In April 2003 the Department initiated a collaborative Strategic Planning process collecting input from 60 members of the Police Department, as well as representatives from several City Departments, including:
  • City Manager's Office
  • Emergency Services
  • Information Systems
  • Human Resource Systems
  • Neighborhood Services
  • Office of Diversity and Dialogue

Strategic Plan FY 2003/04 - 2007/08 (pdf / 454KB / 40 pages)

Strategic Plan Annual Performance Report FY 03/04 (pdf / 1.01MB / 20 pages)

Strategic Plan Presentation (pdf / 58KB / 27 pages)

Citizen input on the Strategic Plan also was solicited during a series of three open Community Forums hosted by the Chief of Police.

Issues identified during the process were assessed, discussed and defined in a series of planning meetings, resulting in the development of six recommended Strategic Directions for the Department:

  • Reduced Crime
  • Organizational Excellence
  • Strengthened Relationships
  • Strengthened Homeland Defense
  • Advanced Technology Solutions
  • Enhanced Facilities

In support of these Strategic Directions, the Department identified and defined 106 individual Strategies, which are positioned on a 5-year calendar in the final Strategic Plan. The Plan serves as a "roadmap" that will steer the Department for the next 5 years and assist with resource allocation and budget planning. It will be continually reviewed and updated as community issues, organizational goals and the economy continue to change.

Strategic Plan Implementation & Evaluation

Progress toward the Strategic Plan is reviewed and tracked using an internal tool that is updated as implementation steps are completed. The tracking tool contains detailed information about Department objectives, strategies, measures of success, timelines and accountability. The Planning, Research & Accreditation Division uses the tool to create Quarterly Progress Reports that are monitored by management during quarterly meetings.

The 5-Year Strategic Plan is reviewed and updated on an annual basis, coinciding with the City's annual budget review cycle. The Department's overall objectives and 5-year strategies are assessed and reprioritized if necessary, based on operating expenses, service indicators, crime statistics, or special initiatives. A new Annual Action Plan is created each fiscal year based upon the outcome of the review and revision of the 5-year plan. This process ensures reliability of the Strategic Plan and Annual Action Plan documents as tools that can be used for annual operating budget development, Capital Improvement Project (CIP) development, and equipment and personnel planning.

An Annual Performance Report is prepared each fiscal year and is published to the Department website to provide public access. The report provides a progress and status report for each of the individual strategies presented in the annual Strategic Plan.


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Planning, Research and Accreditation Manager
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