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Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I find out more information about Impounded/Towed Vehicles?

Visit the Frequently Asked Questions About Towing section of our web site or visit our web page on Impounded/Towed vehicles.

How do I commend, or make a complaint against a Police Employee?
To comment on a police officer or police employee, fill out the comment form. You may also contact the Internal Affairs Unit at spdia@scottsdaleaz.gov

My wallet was lost or stolen. What do I do?
Steps to take after losing a purse or wallet.

Where can I get information about Fraud?
Contact the Fraud Information Hotline at (480) 657-8568

Who do I talk to about bad checks?
Contact the Maricopa County Attorney's Office at (602) 372-7300.

Where can I get information about fingerprinting?
As of January 1, 2011 the Scottsdale Police Department no longer offers fingerprint services. 

How do I obtain a passport?
Contact the Customer Service at (480) 312-2400

How do I obtain a marriage license?
Contact the Justice Court at (480) 443-6600

Where can I get Police Records and Reports?
Visit our Records Division webpage for more information

How can I get a Collision Report ONLINE?
You need the date of the collision, the departmental report number (DR#)
and a valid credit card to access your report for an easy download. 
Visit docview.us.com.

Which Officer/Detective is handling my case?
Property Crimes, contact (480) 312-5169
Violent Crimes, contact (480) 312-5100

How can I arrange a Ride-A-Long?
For scheduling contact (480) 312-1907

How do I contact the City Jail (Detention Facility)?
Call (480) 312-5245

How do I find out about employment in the Police Dept.?
Contact (480) 312-2395 or click here for the City Job Webpage

Where do I find out about Motor Vehicle Registration?
Contact the Arizona State Motor Vehicle Division (MVD) at (602) 255-0072

Where can I get information on Animal Control?
Contact Maricopa County Animal Control at (602) 506-7387

Where can I file a complaint for noisy animals/barking dogs?
Call (480) 312-5000

Where can I find Crime Statistics?
Contact our Crime Analysis Unit.

Where can I learn about Identity Theft Prevention?
Visit the Safety section of our Web site

Where can I get information on Car Seats?
For information on age and weight requirements for child safety seats,
visit our Child Seat Safety page, Or, contact the Car Seat Hotline at
(480) 312-BABY (2229)

How do I contact Crisis Intervention
Contact the Police Crisis Intervention Service at (480) 312-5055

Where can I get information on Photo Radar?
Email Photo Enforcement or contact the Scottsdale City Court at (480) 312-2442.

Where can I get information on Concealed Weapon Permits?
Contact the Department of Public Safety at (602) 223-2000

There's a snake in my yard. What do I do?
Visit the Fire Department Safety webpage on Snakes or
contact the Arizona Herpetological Association at (480) 894-1625

I've locked my keys in my vehicle, what do I do?
Contact a locksmith unless this is an emergency (i.e. child or animal locked in vehicle)

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