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HR Update

A periodic update for City of Scottsdale employees and retirees on benefits information and upcoming events from Human Resources.

Donate For Life

As part of a request from the Department of Health and Human Services, American citizens are being encouraged to support the Donate for Life initiative.

You may not be aware that the option for organ donation was removed from the state driver's licenses in 1996. Since that time, there has been no formal mechanism for Arizona residents to donate. Currently there are more than 85,000 Americans waiting for life-saving organ transplants and sadly 17 people die each day waiting for a transplant.

Anyone wishing to be a donor may complete a registration form on-line at www.AZDonorRegistry.orgleavingcos.gif (340 bytes)

Blood Drives

The city holds four Blood Drives at the Civic Center Senior Center and the Corp Yard Wrangler room each year. Currently the city has an approximate 15% employee donation rate. We are working to increase this number by holding additional blood drives each year.

By employing the Employee Benefits Communication Team (EBCT) as a Blood Drive sub-committee and consistently filling the blood drives, the city should be able to reach "Bronze" recognition status through United Blood Services. We will begin including blood drive communications through the EBCT to assist in increasing blood drive participation and awareness.