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Scottsdale Historic Register

  Hotel Valley Ho, Nd.

The Scottsdale City Council established the Scottsdale Historic Register in July 1999 when it approved the Historic Preservation Ordinance . The Historic Register is a tool the City uses to identify, designate, and promote Scottsdale's historic buildings. The City places properties on the Historic Register because they visually represent the history of the community, are recognized as historically significant for a specific time period, and their appearance today is strongly associated with the past.

The historical period that each building is related to is called its "context." The buildings on the register are listed below by the context the buildings represent. To date, the City's Historic Register recognizes properties associated with the early history of the Town of Scottsdale, the development of the arts and tourism industry in the city, and two postwar residential neighborhoods representing Scottsdale's rapid growth and development in the 1950s.

Each property or district the City selects for the Historic Register is carefully documented and studied before being considered for placement on the register. For an individual property or district to be eligible for listing, the resource must be linked to a time and a place, to historical events, and/or to the accomplishments of prominent people. Properties are not placed on the City of Scottsdale Historic Register simply because they are old. Before any property is listed those affected, neighbors, and interested community members have multiple opportunities to receive information and participate in the process.

Viewing the Register

To find out if your property or a property you are interested in is on the City of Scottsdale Historic Register you may download the Register List (PDF/30kb/3pp). This document is a list only.

Buildings and districts currently on the Register according to historic theme:

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