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Invitation to Participate


The following steps are required of applicants wishing to qualify their project for the Green Building Program:

  • Review the information in this invitation and the other program information available on this site.
  • Contact Green Building Staff at 480-312-7990 or e-mail to receive an enrollment packet and make an appointment for a "green building pre-app" meeting
  • Prior to attending the meeting, complete the enrollment form and rating worksheet. The rating worksheet may be previewed at this site.


The Green Building Program has been developed to help reduce the environmental impact of builidings. The program is designed to encourage environmentally sensitive building by meeting the criteria set forth in the program guide.

During construction, the builder has the option of placing a Scottsdale Green Building sign on the job site. On completion of the house, a Green Certificate of Occupancy is issued to the owner through the builder.

The Program is voluntary and is open to all builders in the City of Scottsdale. The city performs inspections during critical phases of construction.


Participant's Obligations

  • A builder can enter any or all homes in any given subdivision.
  • All homes entered into the program must meet the minimum points described in the Green Building Checklist
  • Those enrolled must attend at least one City-sponsored Green Building lecture once a year.

As you review the program, check to see how you rate today as a green builder. You may be surprised how close you are and what few changes you may need to make to participate in and benefit from the Green Building Program.


Program Incentives

Enhance Your Market Niche - Home buyers today are more savvy and demanding when it comes to selecting products that are environmentally sound. By meeting the criteria of the Green Building Program, your green home will stand above the rest of the market as a whole and enable you to target an additional segment of the buying community.

Strengthen Company's Environmental Image - With today's sensitivity to energy and the environment, it is likely that many of the requirements of this voluntary program will inevitably become standard practice. Through your participation in this program you can be at the forefront of this movement and help set the standards rather than have them set for you.

Increase Your Advertising Dollars - The utilization of the City of Scottsdale's various communication vehicles (i.e. water bill and web sites) and marketing program will reach out to a greater number of potential home buyers. Use of the Green Building Program's logo will advertise your participation and the benefits of buying a green home.


Program Support

We offer technical assistance on incorporating elements of the Green Building Program into your housing project. As an enrolled green builder, you may enter as many homes as you wish in the program. We hope that once your homes become successful in the market, you will become a permanent program participant by qualifying all your homes as Green Buildings. The following services of the program will help support you in building and marketing your homes as environmentally friendly buildings for the desert:


Green Building Lectures

Orientation and introduction to strategies for energy-efficient and environmentally responsible buildings, featuring national & local building experts in areas of site use, energy, building materials, indoor air quality, water, and solid waste.

Literature From Leading Environmental Building Experts

  • Information on product characteristics, materials and strategies that meet program criteria.
  • Literature available from environmental building resource groups.
  • Resource list of local expertise and material sources.

A Marketing Plan to Help You Reach the Home Buying Public

  • Promotional/educational brochures targeting home buyers.
  • Media coverage in the form of press releases, press conferences, columns and articles in local and possibly national print media.
  • Education programs targeted specifically to realtors.
  • Link to City of Scottsdale's web site through the Green Building home page. http://www.scottsdaleaz.gov/greenbuilding/default.asp

Marketing Materials Available

  • Scottsdale green building job site sign for display during construction.
  • Green building brochures, home buyer's guide and vaious explanatory handouts.
  • Suggested press releases for use by your company

Solar Energy Tax Credit

A tax credit of 25% of the cost of the Solar Energy system ($1000 max.)( For additional information contact the Arizona Department of Commerce, Energy Office at (602) 280-1402 or the Arizona Department of Revenue at (602) 542-1991)