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Public Services and Facilities Element

Public Services & Facilities (PDF/760kb/16pps) 

Public Services & Facilities Vision Statement

Scottsdale will continue to be a community that provides high quality community services to its residents, businesses, and visitors. We will pursue new ways to deliver services in the most efficient and cost-effective manner. Scottsdale citizens and visitors will be secure in the knowledge that the public officials and employees of the community are dedicated to maintaining and, wherever possible, enhancing levels of service in all program areas and in addressing the variable needs of a population that is widely diverse in both demographics and geographic distribution.

We will grow and change in ways that minimize public exposure to safety hazards like flooding and fire and, additionally, will focus on crime prevention. Furthermore, citizens and visitors will be safe from conditions, circumstances and influences that would threaten, disrupt or diminish the quality of their lifestyle.

Scottsdale will be a community with public buildings and facilities that represent the special qualities of the city. We acknowledge the vital role that public facilities play in the shaping of community life. Libraries, parks, schools, and cultural centers are treasured and will be enhanced to provide high quality of life for current and future generations.

Scottsdale will continue its efficient and high quality customer service to all Scottsdale citizens by planning, managing, and operating a safe, reliable, and affordable water supply and wastewater reclamation system. We will meet today's needs without compromising our resources for future generations, being guided by the City's Water and Wastewater Master Plans, as well as our golf course and annexation policies. As a desert community, our long-term prosperity is dependent upon the efficient use and reuse of limited water resources. Scottsdale will work in concert with other communities in the region to protect aquifers, steadily reducing our dependence on well water, and using reclaimed wastewater to meet the golf course recreational needs of our resort industry. Our water and wastewater distribution and recovery systems should compliment a logical and efficient growth management plan.


Public services and facilities represent the public's investment in the design, development and delivery of the complex package of service systems and programs, and the physical facilities required to satisfy the needs of a growing community. Public services and facilities are the most visible of the city's functions, and is where the city's operations "touch" the most people. The Public Services and Facilities Element provides broad guidance about the provision of community services and physical facilities for the city of Scottsdale in keeping with governmental roles of protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the community. This element is a State Statute-mandated element.

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