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Preservation and Environmental Planning Element

Preservation & Environmental Planning (PDF/2.2mb/13pps)

Preservation & Environmental Planning Vision Statement

Scottsdale is a community that embraces conservation and preservation of the environment. Because of its rich history and legacy of long-range thinking, it has a particularly handsome endowment to protect and retain. Scottsdale will continue its environmental stewardship partnership with the public. We commit to preserving the Sonoran Desert and mountains for the purpose of maintaining scenic views, ensuring protected habitats for wildlife and desert plants, protecting archaeological and historical resources and sites, and providing appropriate access for educational and passive outdoor recreational opportunities for residents and visitors. Scottsdale will be a community that offers our residents and visitors a healthy, safe, clean and sustainable environment. Its policies and programs will foster energy, land, and water conservation, reduced solid waste generation, cleanup of contaminated sites, and participation in finding solutions to regional environmental issues. The city's decision makers will work to conserve elements of the natural environment where possible and restore areas where past development has degraded it.


Scottsdale citizens have often affirmed that one of the community's highest priorities is preserving and protecting the environment. The Preservation and Environmental Planning Element translates the values and vision of the community into a set of goals to achieve an environmentally sustainable community. This element infuses the importance of environmental sensitivity into the city's planning efforts and the goals and approaches are outlined to ensure that environmental stewardship occurs in a way that is beneficial for economic development and tourism, while maintaining a high quality of life for citizens. This element is a State Statute-mandated element.

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