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Open Space and Recreation Element


Open Space & Recreation (PDF/5.9mb/17pps)


Open Space & Recreation Vision Statement

Scottsdale will respect and manage its open space resources and recreational amenities and services in ways that sustain and protect the natural environment and wildlife, our mountains, parks, washes, and open space legacy. This philosophy includes a balanced planning approach that seeks ways to conserve natural and recreational resources for the enjoyment of all citizens while meeting the needs of a developing community. The city's parks, recreational facilities, and outdoor amenities will be enhanced to serve current and future generations. A substantial portion of the city will remain as natural open space through citizen initiative, as evidenced by the widespread support of the McDowell Sonoran Preserve. Even in built-up areas, a network of parks, scenic corridors, paths, and trails will provide access to nature and urban open spaces, providing recreation opportunities, ecological benefits, and a source of beauty for residents. The city will continue to be involved in recreational opportunities that meet the needs of special populations - including children, seniors and people with disabilities.


The Open Space & Recreation Element establishes a set of integrated visions, values, goals and implementation strategies that guide decision-making and lead the provision of a comprehensive open space system and recreational plan. Furthermore, this element represents an important step in the city's continuing effort to enhance the public's ability and opportunities to enjoy recreation in Scottsdale. This element is a State Statute-mandated element. 

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