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Neighborhoods Element

Neighborhoods (PDF/5.87mb/6pps)

Neighborhoods Vision Statement

Scottsdale's vision is to preserve, reinforce, and where appropriate, revitalize the core characteristics and stability that define all of its neighborhoods, commercial and residential. By making sure that changes in neighborhoods harmonize with the existing character, by enhancing neighborhoods' defining features, and ensuring their long-term attractiveness and economic integrity, we can create and/or enhance the unique character and special qualities of each neighborhood. The city will welcome Scottsdale citizens as partners in making sure that their neighborhoods are the kind in which they want to live and do business in the future. In most cases, neighborhood preservation and enhancement considerations will take precedence over other competing considerations.


Scottsdale is a maturing city with diverse and unique neighborhoods that vary in age, size, character, and composition. As Scottsdale matures, the city must continue to look at preserving and enhancing its built environment. The Neighborhoods Element contains goals and policies that seek to preserve, revitalize, and promote the redevelopment and reinvestment in Scottsdale's mature neighborhoods. This element is a State Statute-mandated element.

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