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Land Use Element

Land Use (PDF/6.6mb/21pp)

Land Use Vision Statement

Scottsdale is first and foremost a residential community and Southwest tourist destination where the diversity and arrangement of land uses is designed to enhance quality of life and ensure long-term prosperity. Our land uses must complement each other visually, aesthetically, socially, and economically. We will protect large, unspoiled portions of our mountain and desert areas, as well as view corridors to those areas. We will avoid conflicting, damaging, or otherwise unwanted land uses from compromising the overall character of a site, a neighborhood, or the community. Scottsdale will ensure a variety of living, working, and leisure opportunities through different land uses, vital neighborhoods, thriving business and tourism communities, and open spaces for people to recreate, reflect, and enjoy.


The Land Use Element establishes the general polices for the types and location of land uses throughout the city. The policies within the Land Use Element focus on three distinctive but interrelated levels: regional relationships, citywide relationships, and local relationships. The Land Use Element also contains the General Plan amendment criteria as mandated by State Statute.

Element Graphic:

Conceptual Land Use map (PDF/8mb)

Amendment Criteria:

Major General Plan Amendment Criteria (PDF/11.1mb) 

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