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Housing Element

Housing (PDF/605kb/8pps)

Housing vision Statement

Scottsdale will be a community that embraces a variety of housing opportunities that enhance the character, diversity, and vitality of the city, as well as respect and conserve our Sonoran desert. Our vision is to incrementally, but steadfastly expand housing opportunities for current and future citizens. This involves fiercely protecting our existing stock of housing inventory, while offering support programs to help with improvements and upkeep. It means ensuring that new housing involving public investment of any kind includes a range of pricing options. It also means encouraging builders through incentives to broaden the spectrum of home options in proposed residential developments. Our vision focuses on the people who occupy housing as much as the product itself. Housing options will include a wide range of opportunities for people living and working in Scottsdale, people at different life stages, income levels, and social and physical needs.


Since incorporating in 1951, Scottsdale's housing and neighborhoods have shifted and evolved in response to marketplace trends and family lifestyles. Over time, the demographics of the community have changed and land identified for housing development has become increasingly limited. The Housing Element focuses on the revitalization and preservation of mature housing neighborhoods, seeks creative infill development strategies, and encourages a diversity of housing that accommodates a variety of income levels, households, and socioeconomic needs. This element is a State Statutes-mandated element.

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