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Growth Areas Element

Growth Areas (PDF/2.1mb/8pp)

Growth Areas Vision Statement

The remaining developable capacity of the city of Scottsdale will be fulfilled through a rational, managed, and timely process that is the result of public participation and endorsement. The McDowell Sonoran Preserve will be acquired and managed for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future generations. The many diverse neighborhoods and lifestyles that comprise the unique fabric and character of Scottsdale will be protected and enhanced, and a sense of community, shared among residents across the city, will be both obvious and admired. The composition and strength of the community's economy will assure healthy and prosperous levels of employment, income, and working environment for both local and commuting labor forces. Intermodal transportation systems will be established and operated to improve the efficient movement of people and goods to, from, and within the community within acceptable and affordable physical and environmental standards.


The Growth Areas Element approaches growth management from a perspective of identifying those areas of the community that are most appropriate for development focus. Growth Areas allow for the accommodation of future growth and increased focus on creating or enhancing transportation systems and infrastructure coordinated with development activity. This element is a State Statute-mandated element. 

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