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Economic Vitality Element


Economic Vitality (PDF/623kb/8pps)

Economic Vitality Vision Statement

 Scottsdale's future as a desirable place to live, work, and visit is dependent upon a dynamic, diversified, and growing economic base that compliments the character of our community. Scottsdale will be regionally competitive and will attract businesses that offer employment to our citizens, provide essential services, respect our desert environment, compliment our tourist industry, and bolster our tax base. Scottsdale will celebrate and embrace its existing strengths in business and employment, as well as diversify and develop new strengths through emerging technologies and changes in the ways of doing business. Economic competitiveness and prosperity will be the means of supporting a quality of life that is distinctive among Valley communities. The competing needs of residents and businesses will be balanced so neighborhoods are protected and enhanced while business districts are competitive and attractive.



The Economic Vitality Element addresses policies to better evaluate decisions and encourage economic development that will sustain the community. The Element has been prepared to ensure that the needs of Scottsdale's residential neighborhoods are balanced with those of its business community. The goals emphasize compatibility, diversity, growth, and flexibility. This Economic Vitality Element acknowledges the economic factors that strongly influence the future well being of the community and its current and future neighborhoods and residents. This element is a community created element.

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