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Cost of Development Element

Cost of Development (PDF/594kb/7pps)

Cost of Development Vision Statement

Scottsdale always seeks to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of its citizens and visitors in its public service delivery operations and its infrastructure and capital facilities development. This quest has enjoyed repeated success through the years since its incorporation, a testimony to the ongoing interest and participation of the people of the community in assuring that the quality, attractiveness and livability of their neighborhoods are maintained and enhanced. Scottsdale achieves its goals of sustained and increasing quality with remarkable efficiency and cost-effectiveness, facts that are witnessed by the community continuing to have one of the lowest combined tax rates in the metropolitan area and the highest attainable bond rating in the nation for a city of its size.


The city of Scottsdale has long held the philosophy that new development should "pay for itself" and not burden existing residents and property owners with the provision of infrastructure and public services and facilities. The Cost of Development Element seeks to identify the fiscal impacts created by new development and determine how costs will be equitably distributed. This element is a State Statute-mandated element.

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