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Community Mobility Element

Community Mobility (PDF/2.3mb/14pp)

Community Mobility Vision Statement

Scottsdale will be a community that safely, conveniently and efficiently moves people, goods, and information by providing access and mobility choices. Scottsdale recognizes that there will be a diversity of mobility systems to match the character and lifestyle of different areas of the community. Mobility choices will provide alternatives to the automobile, increase accessibility, improve air quality, enrich the community and its neighborhoods, and contribute to the community's quality of life.


The Community Mobility Element concentrates on providing safe, efficient and accessible choices for the movement of people, goods, and information. This element recognizes the role of the automobile, but expands the field of mobility to fully integrate non-automotive modes while recognizing the inter-relationships among transportation, land use, and neighborhoods. This element is a State Statute-mandated element.


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