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Community Involvement Element

Community Involvement (PDF/535kb/8pp)


Community Involvement Vision Statement

Scottsdale is a community with a rich history of citizen involvement, having encouraged public participation through such programs as STEP, Scottsdale Visioning, and CityShape 2020. In the future, Scottsdale will be a leader in promoting open government processes that are accessible, responsive, and fair to all of its citizen participants. We will reach beyond the minimum standards for citizen involvement and be attuned to the community's growing and changing population as we plan long-term and adjust to intermediate situations and opportunities. Scottsdale will be a community that has collective responsibility and ownership for where it is and where it is going. City processes will be characterized by deliberation, dialogue, and thoughtful, respectful discussion, followed by collaboration for informed decisions and creative solutions. Scottsdale will be a community where constructive dialogue involving individuals, the business community, organizations, institutions, and government is the cornerstone of successful planning, decision making, and community building. We will always consider new ways to promote community involvement recognizing the diversity and unique elements of our community and its citizens.


Public participation is an important component of successful planning and community building and decision making. The goals and strategies included in the Community Involvement Element are meant to serve as suggestions for ways to effectively inform and involve the community in city-related discussions and decision-making processes. This element is a community created element.


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