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AAA bond ratings

     Scottsdale continues to maintain the highest possible rating from the three major national bond rating agencies, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investors Services, reaffirming their confidence in the city’s financial management and its economic outlook.  Sottsdale is one of a select number of municipalities achieving top ratings from all three.
      High bond ratings mean the city is able to sell General Obligation bonds to finance voter-approved capital projects, including new parks, libraries, pools and roads, at lower interest rates. The ratings also increase the value of existing General Obligation bonds for investors.

Summary of Current Ratings:

Moody's Investors Service Standard and Poor's Ratings Services Fitch Ratings
General Obligation (GO) Aaa AAA AAA
Municipal Property Corporation (MPC) Aa1 AAA AAA
Scottsdale Preserve Authority (SPA) Aa2 AA+ AA+
Water & Sewer Revenue (W&S) Aaa AAA AAA