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Office of Diversity

The Scottsdale Office of Diversity serves as a central point of contact for citizens and employees to address diversity matters.  The Office of Diversity is part of the Scottsdale City Manager's Office.

The objective is to ensure that there is fairness in organizational diversity, review and evaluate prejudice or discriminatory concerns, and most importantly, to celebrate and educate one another about who we are and our significance in our world. 

The Unity Pledge
The Scottsdale City Council affirmed its commmitment to diversity and inclusion by signing the Unity Pledge - and you can, too.

Flavors of Scottsdale
Experience the diverse mix of cultures and experiences that underpin the thriving culinary community in Scottsdale, Arizona. This video series is co-sponsored by the Office of Diversity.


Our Mission: "Building a World-Class inclusive community".

The Scottsdale Diversity Office develops and sponsors training, services, programs, and events that create work and community environments where differences are valued, respected, and embraced. This is achieved through a diversity initiative that addresses education, employee relationships, Civil Rights compliance, community outreach, stakeholder collaborations, and deliberative dialogue.


Department Information:

3939 N. Drinkwater Boulevard
Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 480-312-2727
Fax: 480-312-2738

Sharon Cini, MPA
Diversity Liaison/Administrator

Appointed LGBT Liaison to the City Manager:  This resource is available to the public to elevate the concerns of the LGBT community and ensure they are being heard.  David Simmons, Chair of the City of Scottsdale LGBT employee resource group has been officially designated to fulfill this important role.  He can be contacted at:

David Simmons, MA
Appointed LGBT Liaison
Phone:  480-312-2993

Appointed LGBT Police Liaison:  The Scottsdale Police Departmentlinks to external site has designated LGBT Community Liaisons whom are available to the public to address concerns of the LGBT community and to ensure they are heard. The police department liaisons are Sergeant Carrie Candler and Detective Nicole Engstrom.  They can be contacted at:

Sergeant Carrie Candler


Detective Nicole Engstrom

Who We Are:

Community Outreach and Public Programming - the image of the community and the organization is shaped through our interactions and partnerships inside and outside the community. We learn more about one another as we interact in meaningful and productive ways with all members of the community, thus shaping a healthy future in a truly pluralistic society.

Support of Cultural Events - we embrace diversity as a fundamental component of our operational procedures, and demonstrate our commitment to building cultural unity through sponsorship of events such as: Scottsdale MLK Dinner and other events

Services & Programs


Our Services

  • Facilitate Diversity Advisory Committee (DAC) initiatives and events
  • Conduct training and workshops internally and externally
  • Serve as a liaison for the Scottsdale Human Relations Commission (SHRC)
  • Evaluate complex employee relations matters and make recommendations
  • Evaluate citizen complaints and provide appropriate mediation and consultation
  • Provide consultation and facilitation to departments

Our Programs

  • Civil Dialogue Series
  • DAC annual employee and community events
  • Mayor’s Committee on Employment of People With Disabilities
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Community Celebration
  • Scottsdale Voices (CityCable Channel 11 show) – promoting Civil Dialogue Series
  • La Gran Fiesta community celebration
  • Regional Unity Walk

Community Outreach

Our commitment to diversity is supported by community-wide participation in our Civil Dialogue Series, multicultural celebrations, as well as the involvement of our citizen advisory body — the Scottsdale Human Relations Commission — who assist in defining the diversity needs of our community.

Employee Relations

The workplace has become more complex, and employee relations is certainly a vital issue as more staff hours are devoted to addressing employee related matters using both collaborative and independent methods.

The City of Scottsdale’s Diversity Office and Human Resources Department provide employees with several options for addressing diversity issues, opportunities for involvement, and a means to hold the organization accountable for responding to concerns. These efforts include investigating complaints involving discrimination and civil liberty issues, as well as designing and facilitating interventions.