CityShape 2020

Pyramid_SonoranDesertDGsWhere is the full policy located?

  • The full policy may be viewed at the Planning and Design Library at the Community Design Studio, 7506 E Indian School Road.
  • Copies are available at City libraries

What is it?

CityShape 2020 was a citizen driven process to "plan the physical form of Scottsdale's Vision." It was intended to be an extensive educational and community outreach process that would improve the Scottsdale General Plan as an expression of the Shared Vision. Led by a Steering Committee and involving 100's of citizens in Working Groups, CityShape established the basis for how we do planning now.

Where does it apply?


Who needs to use it?

City Council, City Boards and Commisions, Planning Commission, community groups and organizations such as the Scottsdale Cultural Commission, City staff, developers, and citizens.

Why was it developed?

To involve citizens in assessing and improving the General Plan following the Scottsdale Visioning process.

Key Points:

  1. CityShape established Six Guiding Principles:
    1. Preserve Meaningful Open Space
    2. Enhance Neighborhoods
    3. Advance Transportation
    4. Seek Sustainability
    5. Support Economic Vitality
    6. Value Scottsdale's Unique Lifestyle and Character
  2. We use the Guiding Principles as the organizational structure of the General Plan.
  3. "Points of Consideration" cards were created for staff and Planning Commissioners to use when reviewing project cases.
  4. CityShape also developed the three level General Planning approach:
    1. Citywide (through the General Plan)
    2. Character Planning (through Strategic Area and Character Plans)
    3. Neighborhood Planning (through Neighborhood Plans)

References and related documents:

  • City of Scottsdale General Plan (2001)
  • Future in Focus Process Summary (2000)
  • Scottsdale Shared Vision Report (1992)
  • CityShape 2020 Comprehensive Report (1996)
  • Scottsdale Town Enrichment Reports (1965-1971)
  • Brookings Institute Report (1972)

Download printable CityShape 2020 Policy Card (pdf / 702 kb / 1 pg)