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The General Plan

The General Plan is a statement of goals and policies that work as the primary tool for guiding the future development and character of the city over the next 10 to 20 years. State law also requires updates of adopted General Plans every 10 years.


Scottsdale General Plan 2014

SGP-2014-SquareSince December 2012, residents, business owners and various other stakeholders have been working together to update the Scottsdale General Plan 2014 draft.

It's your turn to review and comment on the draft plan. Follow the link below and let us know your thoughts. Your feedback will be considered, and the draft will be refined as appropriate. It will be presented to City Council in June. If the City Council adopts the draft plan, voters will consider ratifying it in a November election.

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Review the draft general plan and provide your comments.

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City of Scottsdale General Plan 2001GP_Cover_2001

  • Adopted by City Council on Oct. 30, 2001
  • Ratified by Scottsdale voters March 2002



General Plan Questions & Comments

Email: generalplan@scottsdaleaz.gov
Phone: (480) 312-3111