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Aviation Director requests involvement with PHX Metroplex and FAA flight path change meetings

Scottsdale Airport began receiving increased complaints from residents about increased overflights and noise related to flight path changes at Phoenix Sky Harbor. Aviation staff continues to share concerns from residents with FAA representatives and seek involvement at future meetings. The below letter was sent to the FAA Representative Elizabeth Ray with Air Traffic Mission Support Services. This letter and other updates are posted on the Scottsdale Airport website


Dear Ms. Ray:

When the changes to flight paths were made to Phoenix Sky Harbor, the City of Scottsdale began receiving increased complaints from residents about overflights and noise related to these changes. The impacts from this change have significantly affected parts of our community. Some specific impacts include:

  • creating tighter flight path corridors for Phoenix Sky Harbor commercial air traffic resulting in increased overflights in some areas and reducing them in other areas;
  • tightening and slightly lowering departure turns out of Scottsdale Airport from the south to the northwest to de-conflict with other air traffic from Phoenix Deer Valley and Phoenix Sky Harbor;
  • employing different departure procedures for Scottsdale Airport air traffic affecting timing, location and throttle-up factors in northern Scottsdale; and
  • shifting Scottsdale Airport air traffic to the outer cusps of our existing flights paths in northern Scottsdale to de-conflict with other air traffic.

These are meaningful impacts to the residents in our community.

We were informed by a representative from Rep. David Schweikert’s Office that a recent meeting was held and in that meeting FAA Administrator Huerta admitted that the east bound flights were an issue as well. Additionally we understand that Mr. Huerta had proposed a roundtable with stakeholders, including east valley representation, to address the flight paths.

This is an important topic for our community. We would like the opportunity to be involved and share the concerns of our residents and, hopefully, come to an amenable solution to help alleviate some of these impacts. We are writing to formally request that the City of Scottsdale - Scottsdale Airport is included in future meetings and has a seat at the table to provide input and express the concerns and needs of our community.

As always, we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter and look forward to hearing from you.


Gary P. Mascaro, C.M., C.A.E. 

Aviation Director
Scottsdale Airport 


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