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Records Requests

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The Arizona Judicial Branch offers Public Access to Court Case Information, an online service providing information about court cases from most courts in Arizona.


Copies of Scottsdale City Court Records

Scottsdale City Court records are available to the public. 

Submit your record request online. 

Records requests may also be made by submitting a completed records request form (pdf/124kb/2pp) to the Scottsdale City Court in person (in the lobby drop-box), by mail, or facsimile at 480-312-2764. Standard processing time for record requests is 5-7 business days.

A court representative will contact you by phone when the records are ready. Telephone requests will not be accepted.

Pursuant to Rule 29, Rules of the Supreme Court, and the Supreme Court Records Retention and Disposition Schedule, criminal records more than 5 years old and civil traffic cases more than 1 year old may not be available.

Upon receipt of a request for court records, the Scottsdale City Court will assess the following fees:

minimum clerk fee 

A $17 Minimum Clerk Fee will apply to all requests for copies.  The Minimum Clerk Fee will include up to three (3) names per request or three (3) cases per name (A.R.S. 22-404).

Research Fees

In addition to the Minimum Clerk Fee, any and all requests that require a name search in order to obtain case information will be subject to a Research Fee of an additional $17.  A Research Request may include up to three (3) names per requests or three (3) cases per name.  To avoid the assessment of the Research Fee, please provide the case number(s) on your request form.  No fee is assessed to come in and view a file, up to three (3) files (A.R.S. 22-404).

Copy Fees

All copy requests are subject to a $0.50 per page fee (A.R.S. 22-404).

Certification Fees

In addition to any applicable Minimum Clerk Fees/Research Fees/Copy Fees, a $17 Certification Fee will be charged on each certification (A.R.S. 22-404).

Audio Fees

A copy of an audio CD may be made for a fee of $17 for each CD per case. Not all court proceedings are audio taped (only trials, evidentiary hearings, orders of protection, injunction against harassment hearings, oral arguments and civil traffic hearings).

CD's and Data Discs

Records requests over 20 pages in length are available in CD format (in lieu of paper) for a fee of $10 per disc.  For some lengthy recordings, a compressed data disc is available. Please note: You must have specific software to view this format of electronic data. For further information, please make sure to check the box on the records request form and a court representative will call you with more information.

Forms of Payment

Please do not submit pre-payment for records requests. You will be contacted when the records request is complete and given the amount due.

Payment may be made in the form of money order, bank certified check, personal check, credit card (most major credit cards accepted), or if paying in person, cash is acceptable. A $25.00 charge will be assessed on all Non-Sufficient Funds checks.
Payment is due in full for all of the above prior to release of any request for information.

Media Access To City Court

  1. For any inquiry about case status, or to confirm an upcoming court date, the requestor may call City Court at 480-312-2442.
  2. For any inquiry to obtain copies or documents from a City Court case file, pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona, Rule 123, Public Access to Judicial Records of the State of Arizona, the requestor should submit a records request form. Records request forms are available on the City Court web page, or in the court lobby. A fee will apply.
  3. For a media inquiry to have camera or recording presence at a court proceeding, and in a courtroom, the requestor should submit a petition making the request and submit it to the judge assigned to the case. The ruling will then be determined by the assigned judge, at which time any specific conditions or criteria will be provided to the media.


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